About Us

Riveting Dynamics Synergy Limited is an incorporated company with RC 137046, founded in 2016, the organization is dedicated to solving agricultural problems and also improving agricultural practices in Nigeria and Africa as a whole. Farmzin is a project by the organization whose goal is to tackle the issue of Food wastage in this part of the world.

Farmzin is a social networking service which helps people to build relations with other people who share similar career interests, activities or backgrounds. More importantly; it also serve as a marketplace for buying and selling agricultural produce; farmers do not have to worry about marketing their harvests any more

Meet The Team

Farmzin team is composed of a very talented and insightful individuals who are very passionate in what they do.

Ibukun Fakorede


The Chief Executive Officer of Farmzin

Mr Shola

Managing Director

The Managing Director who overseers the running of Farmzin

Engr Shola Ibukun

Finance and Planning

Engr Shola manage the finance aspect as well as planning of trips

Core Values


To put food on every table by reducing food wastage to the minimum and make all stakeholders in agribusiness accessible; anytime, everywhere.


To promote Smart-farming culture and creating a global accessible marketplace for agribusiness.


Farmzin is a network for everyone where we encourage, educate and enable people to succeed. We focus on delivering good services through standardization and reliability.

Farmzin Specialization

Agricultural Social Community
Agricultural Marketplace For Buying and Selling
Agricultural Forum