Agriculture Social Network

Farmzin is an innovative agriculture social networking site for Farmers, Agripreneurs u0026amp; Agriculture Enthusiast. Here, you get to socialize with other like-minded people

Get Notified and Informed

Don’t want to miss latest, important and updates from Farmzin or from someone you both commented on each other’s posts? There’s a feature that allow you to be notified on this site:)

Buy and Sell Agriculture Products

We also feature agriculture marketplace here at Farmzin whereby farmers get to meet consumers as well as vice versa. In one word; agricultural buyers meeting agricultural sellers

Meet Like-Minded People

Unlike facebook where you can meet someone who doesn’t have something in common with you; Farmzin is designed and built solely for agricultural lovers. Hence the chance of you meeting like-minded people here is 99%

Farmers Support

Farmzin also provides seminars as well as guides on how farmers can improve the productivity of their farm as well as the efficiency.

First Class Support

Got stuck in a middle of something or you wanted to know more about a certain area/topic on Agriculture, you can contact use here on Farmzin and be rest assured that we’ll try our best to give you what you need

Farmer Support

Meeting with farmers on and off the field, supporting and working with them to create solutions to some of the problems facing agricultural practices in their different communities.


Providing a marketplace for Business to business (B2B) and Business to customers (B2C), which will promote agricultural sales


We also work with Agricultural Engineers and Fabricators to help improve the local manufacturing industry and technology sector

Whatcha Say?

What Existing Customers Say About Klein and Why They Love it

With Farmzin community. one can easily connect with other like-minded agricultural entrepreneurs

Adeyemi Ishola

Excellent website.. Farmzin made it easier to navigate around all their website without breaking a sweat


From the Shop!

You can check Farmzin Store to browse through the available agricultural products and make purchase of it.

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