Lazy Nigerian Youths – Are Nigerian Youths Truly Lazy?

“Lazy Nigerian youths” is a line which became an international trending topic when the Nigerian President said the youths of his country are lazy at an international conference many months ago.  Many Nigerians including the ones who are not youths were upset and angry about the comment which they kicked against.

 The question is – Was the President right?

 However, a few prominent people have spoken up after the controversial issue died down and agreed with what the President said. While yet, I believe that to take a stand with or against the President; one has to discuss and think about a few factors which affect the youths of this country daily.


We cannot but talk about the effect of politics in the orientation of Nigerian youth. The types of Political leadership styles which were left by the aging generation to serve as examples to the upcoming ones are so bad that it is one of the decaying factors destroying our institutions.

    Shortly after the not too young bill was passed, many were happy that a lot of youths won the slots to the political offices and are eager to prove to the entire world that the youths are ready to lead the nation.

    But something happened, the youngest senator in the Senate 9th assembly, Elisha Abbo was caught on camera assaulting two ladies at the sex store. Many of the older generations smiled and said: “we said it, they are not ready”.

    The fact that one among millions of youths misbehaved cannot just justify the continuation of the old power wielders that committed thousands of much more disgraceful misdeeds.

Low-quality education

      Even though there are so many tertiary and secondary education institutions in the country and with the literacy rates of 79.89 and 65.35 for male and females respectively as at May 1, 2019, as stated by Worldometers, the productive age range, is not so efficient.

    It is a thing of wonder that with so many young and vibrant academics, the larger portion of our population still relies on importation to survive and we all know that production is one of the things which can help the nation move forward.

    Professor Wole Soyinka recently said “Nigerian youths are full of spunk outside but when they are inside Nigeria, they are full of gas. The truth is – we are building a generation of illiterates.

   They are usually the first to comment on the internet on issues they are ignorant about”. The Nobel Prize laureate referred to the new generation of Nigerian youths as “Internet trolls”.

      It is a worldwide trend that youths are becoming glued to the internet, they have created a virtual reality for themselves in a world that does not exist. Nigerian youths are not so different after all and they have chosen to live in the present while they feed on mediocrity and jargons.

   So who is it to blame for the quality of education which has led to redundancy in the productive population of the country?


Insecurity is one of the things ravaging the country. Ranging from Militancy to terrorism and then the newest of them all Fulani herdsmen attacks, all these organizations are populated by the youths. Of course, we know the damages Insecurity has caused but then the danger that it poses cannot be over-emphasized when looking at it from a wider perspective.

      All of the aforementioned groups evolved as a result of the ethnocultural differences and inter-communal grudges among the people of the nation. The fear, the lack of freedom to move around, the negative economic consequences which have increased due to the level of insecurity in the country is at an all-time high and it is alarming.

     Truth be told, Nigeria can only stay bonded as a nation, if security is guaranteed to all citizens of the country. It is a pitiful situation to see most of the youths in our nation prioritize and mobilize a protest when it comes to the issue of a Pastor abusing a woman and ignores the issue of RUGA which is weightier and can rewrite the history of our nation.



 Spirituality and success have been programmed to be too connected to a point where an average Nigerian youth has accepted that what will be will be through divine grace or condemnation. The values of true hard work are no longer taught by the spiritual leaders anymore, all they preach is divine prosperity and breakthrough.

Have you ever seen an unemployed youth strand himself or herself in a place of worship for seven days with the prayer point of heavenly intervention during the agricultural planting season? If a spiritual leader cannot guide such an individual to farm and cultivate then he or she is encouraging laziness at its peak.

Laziness or lack of focus?

The level at which youths indulge in vices such as cultism, armed robbery, frauds, prostitution, drug abuse, militancy, terrorism, kidnapping,  and so on are depressing. We all know that it takes more courage to participate in any of the vices listed above so would it be true to call those people in such category lazy?

I think the youths who do these things are not lazy or cowards, they do it because they have been misguided and misdirected as a result of seeing it as one of the ways to survive in a situation of no hope. It must be noted that most of the people who partake in these are guilty of the choices they make and most of the time they make those choices because they want to be a part of it.

While some youths are too lazy to think, some are out there working tirelessly and effortlessly to make our nation a great one but their efforts are frustrated and defeated by the failed institutions put in place by the generation of our beloved President.

Although from the way things are going, some can assume that this generation is lost due to their assessments of the youths but then I still believe something can be achieved. There is still time, we can still wake up and save the nation.

    Sadly it is too late for the dying generation; they had this country for a long time and did nothing positive with it, all the present are flimsy excuses to justify their failures. Let them be reminded that they are handing over a country with poor electricity supply, inferior infrastructures, bad roads, poor system of governance, high unemployment rate, poor healthcare, trailing in technology, a nation that depends on importation to survive. It is left for us youths to come together and work hard, survive and help restore the glory of our beloved Nigeria.

Roland Ibukun.

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